Thursday, July 26, 2012


Ever wondered why all of a sudden
Everything starts making no sense?
Neither did I, well before it started too often,
Before the heart got clogged, before it became intense

I sat back down there in the lonely corner
Filled with emotions that I couldn't recognise,
I tried to give it my all, to figure it out
Whilst a tiny little tear rolled up my eye

Suddenly I had my wide eyes looking
At the dark shadows in the mirror
The tiny tear had company, at least someone did,
And the silhouettes of emotions formed a whirlpool, before I could figure

There comes a phase when you know what's at stake
I certainly did, or did not, I wasn't aware
The thoughts bound by the chain engraved with sadness
All I could do, was sit back and stare

It takes a lot to figure it all out
Just by yourself in the pseudo universe you've created,
I wasn't sure which universe I dwelt in
One where I loved myself or where I was only hatred

I couldn't stop those hands of the clock
From running away, for I feared,
What if I am losing myself to the shadows,
Or was it the end, that silently crawled and neared.

- Rishi Kandra

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Batch Of 2k8 - The Beginning?

The Class of 2012, Delhi College of engineering has been one that I grew to be very fond of. Wonderful seniors who touched my life in various aspects, be it Ajir Sir and MishraJi on a 3 am walk, to the constant bak bak of Ishita Ji :P

Here are a few dedications/thanks/best wishes for some of the people who influenced my life:

1. Ishita Kaur Kandra: Behena. Thank You for everything. Thank You for guiding me when i went wrong, kicking my ass back on the right path even if i just lasted there for 5 minutes. Even though we didn't meet much, knowing that you're just a call away was a blessing i can't thank enough. May God be with you as you start a new phase of your life. :)

2. Monam Mam and Mansi Mam: I've know you since i was in class 10. Both of you have been a true source of inspiration for me (and especially for Mumma :P). Your care and faith in me is touching. Thank You so much for everything. Wish you both all the Luck for your futures. :)

3. Ajir Sir: I saw you for the first time during the IEEE Membership recruitment drive. Although I had decided to join IEEE before the orientation, your speech that day made a huge difference. Thank you for the guidance and it was a great pleasure working with you for Troika. Legacy of BCH-406 will be forever. Hope you get the Visa soon enough! Best of luck and Keep in touch. :)

4. Mishraji a.k.a Snehashish Sir: Fun with learning. That's what knowing you has been like. Heavy BuckC, fulltoo Bhasadd, total Aish. That's how I'll describe the time spent with you. The last evening of First year in DCE (now DTU) with you and Maggu sir, with awesome. God Bless :)

5. Reddy Sir and Astha mam: You both have been the silent supporters. Always been there whenever i needed a helping hand. Whenever i needed a smile. Whenever i wanted to have fun. Thank you. You both will be dearly missed. Happy future :)

6. Maggu Sir: We did not have much of interaction apart from the last day, but you were one of my favorite seniors. Hard working, calm and with that composed smile, you've left an impact on all of your juniors. Thank you for being there and making it worthwhile. All the best. :)

Also, Thanks to Anshul Sir, Shubhanshu Sir, Saikat Sir, Pritha Mam and all the other fourth years for the wonderful memories. May God bless you all with all the happiness and success you guys deserve in life. Cheers and keep rocking the world!

(PS: I'm sorry if Ive forgotten any names... Its 3:20 am and im sleepy :P)

Friday, January 6, 2012

A new year, A new Beginning.

First of all, I wish all of my readers A very happy and prosperous new year. May God bless you all and shower lots of love, blessings and success you all. :)

2012 has always been a topic of great interest among almost everyone. Different people have different predictions. I mean I just typed "What w" in my google chrome address bar and it jumped to "What will happen in 2012". Google! ;)

Yet, keeping all the philosophies and prophecies aside, this is a new year in which we should all try, again, to help each other and grow. We should co-progress. Because without the "co" we cannot co-exist. And again, man is a social animal, isn't he?

Let's pledge that as 2012 ends, we all will have a list ready which contains all the things we've done for the society, 'cause only when we do our part for the society, we can expect others to do their part.

I have planned to follow my 4Ls. They are:
- Learn
- Laugh
- Love
- Live

As you might see, these 4Ls make the life worth Living. We learn to live, love to laugh, laugh to learn and live to love. All of these are interconnected. And important. In the absence of any of these, the life becomes music-less. Just give it a thought.

And, wishing you all the happiness for the new year.


PS: I'm leaving for my hostel soon. So i wont be able to come online and post much. But dw, i'll try as hard as possible :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Adieu O '11

"As I watch the day turn into night
I realise the time's might
Along we move, hand-in-hand
We choose our path, steady We Stand"
- Rishi Kandra

2011 has mostly been a year of transitions, fun and life changing decisions. Its been cruel, its been kind. Its been sad, its been happy. Its basically taught me how to handle various situations in life. Being happy when the times are tough, having trust on the people you love. "Keep Faith and Have Patience" - the saying which sums it all; almost.

Basically, I can subdivide the year into Headlines ( I was going to use highlights first, but then, what the heck :P ) :

->January: Make really great Friends In Manya and Mokshda >:D< 
->February: Procrastinate and kill time xD
->March: The Boards =D
->April: Competitive Exams =P
->May: Azaadi \=D//
->June: Aish B)
->July: College ki tayaari :O
->August: Debate over which college to go :-/
->September: Adjusting in the college :|
->October: Lots of home, An awesome fest and amazing friends :D
->November: Laziness and coziness of the Hostel Bed and Exams
->December: Home and Family trip and meeting Aditya -My best friend :)

      The most important thing that happened was College. Came July, and i was stuck between Choosing Shri Ram College of Commerce and Delhi College of Engineering (Presently DTU). I wasted plenty of time and mind, and to the amazement of certain people, I finally ended up doing engineering.
Some nights, i still wonder whether the decisions i made this year were right or wrong. And the time flies by. But then, what's done is done, right? That's the whole point of it! Looking back and realising what we should have done and what we did. And trust me, it is not easy to choose between What's right and what's easy. Most of the people are fickle-minded and dont know what to do with their lives and what to choose at what stage.

      One Advice: Always listen to what your heart says; but considering what the brain says. Decisions, are the same always. Never easy, never difficult. Its just we are sure about certain things that make the decision easy.. Proper lecture on decision making some other time :P

So moral of 2011 for me is:
      Accepting mistakes, moving on and adapting to the present situation. :)

ADIEU, Oh '11 !!